The company 

We are a small family business that is located in the Greek countryside. We produce limited quantities of excellent quality pure beehive products, which are submitted to minimum treatment, so that they maintain the most of their nutrients and unique physical properties.           

The King Bee company was founded on 19.02.2013 under the form of sole proprietorship. Our vision, our passion and our great love for beekeeping existed for many years. The official launch of the company marked the transition from a beloved hobby to a main professional occupation.


Corporate values

1. Highest quality of products, processes and services through continuous quality controls and

   chemical analysis 

2. Respect and love for nature

3. Integrity and honesty

4. Knowledge, continuous training, experience

5. Continuous improvement


 What makes us differ

1. We produce Greek honey, which is thicker, more nutrient, has more aroma and is richer in enzymes, due to Greece’s unique climate and plant variety.
2. We produce pure products that are subjected to minimum treatment, so that they maintain the maximum of their nutrients and physical properties.
3. We produce limited quantities of our products so that we maintain full control during all stages of production.
4. Our products have no residue of medicines, unlike other honeys.
5. We practice nomadic apiculture, which may increase our costs, but gives unique characteristics to our products.
6. We are scientifically qualified agriculturists and we follow the developments in our field.
7. Our products are subjected to continuous quality controls and chemical analysis.
8. We use modern technologies and we are able to communicate in 5 different languages; Greek, English, German, Norwegian and French.
9. We run a family business. We all care for the best and are equally responsible for the results.  
10. We love what we do, which is why we do it very well.