The company is headquartered in Northeasten Peloponnese in the unique area of mountainous Corinthia, at the village of Kaliani. The village is placed at the foothills of Mountain Kyllini (Zireia) at an altitude of 700 meters. The natural landscape that surrounds the village is dominated by the spectacular mountain of Zireia. Nearby the lakes Stymfalia and Doxa are situated with rich fauna and protected bird species. The area is dominated by mountainous vegetation, forests, fertile farmland and vineyards. The climate is dry with mild winters and cool summers. Temperatures range from an average of -2oC in wintertime to +28oC in summertime. This unique microclimate enables the production of products of high quality such as grapes, raisins, wine, honey, meat, dairy products, beans, bottled water and many more.

Our headquarters is located 7,5 km from the famous lake Stymfalia where according to Greek mythology Hercules held his sixth achievement. The sixth commandment of Hercules was to kill the Stymphalian hens, which were predatory birds that Mars, the God of War, had brought to Lake Stymfalia from Arcadia. These man-eating birds had bronze nails, feathers and beaks and hurled their feathers like arrows. The Goddess Athena helped Hercules by supplying him with bronze cymbals, which were very loud. Hercules startled the birds by knocking the cymbals and made them leave their nests. Then using his bow and the poisoned arrows that Goddess Athena has given him, he killed many of them. Some of the birds escaped to the islands of Aretia in the Black Sea, where the Argonauts found them and killed them during a battle. Another myth states that the water of Lake Stymfalia sink to the cesspool which is regarded as the Gates of Hades, the world of the dead. It is also said that the beauty of the area enchanted Artemis, the Goddess of hunting, thus she decided to build there her kingdom. 

• Environmental Museum of Stymfalia

• Ancient Stymphalos
• Lake & Wetland of Stymfalia
• Andrianian Aqueduct
• Observatory of Kryoneri
• Lake Doxa
• Monastery of St.George at Feneos
• Cave of Hermes in Zireia
• Monastery of Zarakas in village Stymfalia 
• Ski resort of Zireia