Pine Honey  

Jar sizes: 750gr, 400gr, 280gr, 140gr

Product codes: PI750, PI400, PI280, PI140

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Pine honey has intense flavor. It has dark color with decreased lucidity. Crystallization progresses with slow rhythm, because of its low natural content in glucose. Unmixed pine honey remains fluid for more than one and a half year. Pine honey’s highest nutritious value is owed to the high number of different substances that coexist in its composition. It contains a very high concentration of trace elements which distinguish it as a honey of very high nutritious value. Pine honey that is collected in springtime differs from that collected in autumn, as the first one is brighter in color, is more limpid, has strong aroma, while it has lower HMF.  It is rich in trace elements such as phosphorous, calcium and magnesium. Pine honey is characterized by high concentration of ash, high PH, high conductivity, low reducing sugars and low content in glucose.