Royal Jelly

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Royal jelly is named so because it nourishes exclusively the queen of the beehive during her lifetime. Thus her size is over the double from the rest of the bees. The queen of the beehive, due to her nutrition with royal jelly, lives up to seven years in contrary to the bees that live from 28 days up to four months, depending on the season of the year. The royal jelly is white, creamy and acidic and has a lightly sour flavor. It is a rich source of vitamins, inorganic elements and amino-acids. The color of royal jelly is a very important indicator of its freshness. The fresh royal jelly has bright color. Royal jelly is affected by oxygen and light. When it comes in contact with these elements it suffers devalorisation, which means that it darkens and loses its nutritious components. Royal jelly is stored in ampoules made of glass or plastic, which should have dark color so that it does not come in contact with air or light.

The proper dosage ranges between 0,25 and 2 grams per day, depending on the consumer. Athletes consume 4 grams a day. It can be maintained frozen (-18°C) for 15 months or refrigerated for 8 months. The jar of 10-12 grams one uses for his daily dose must be stored in refrigeration. Royal jelly crystallizes in maintenance due to its high content of organic acids, but can be easily fluidized by gentle stirring at ambient temperature (25°C - 35°C).

King Bee Royal Jelly is subjected to quality control measuring its content in water, sugars, lipids, measurement of pH, acidity and protein content.