Vanilla Fir Honey

Jar sizes: 750gr, 400gr, 280gr, 140gr

Product codes: VA750, VA400, VA280, VA140

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Vanilla fir honey is produced in Vitina of Arcadia and Mainalo. It is recognized by the European Union as honey of Protected Designation of Origin. It derives from black firs from mountain Mainalo and is a product famous for its taste and low concentration of sugar.

It is one of the rarest honey varieties in the world with excellent flavor and aroma. The uniqueness of this honey is distinguished by its thickness, whitish color and distinct aroma. The nutritional and biological values are very high as it is a honey with a high concentration of minerals (potassium, iron etc.), rich in carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins B. Vanilla fir honey stands out by its amber color with metallic sheens created inside, slightly sweet, distinctive and persistent flavor (reminiscent of toffee and vanilla). It contains less moisture than other types of honey, while it does not crystallize due to its high pH. The concentration of sugar is less than in other types of honey.